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Is it a crime to falsely claim you have a conviction when job-hunting?

This was sent to the Metropolitan Police Enquiries Office. They failed to answer my enquiry to a satisfactory standard.

To whomever,

Would the act of claiming to have committed a crime when I have not when completing criminal record section of an application for a job vacancy be a criminal offense? I ask in case someone was inclined to apply for a job where such an offense could possibly be seen as an advantage to the employer, for example: claiming to have experience in hacking into secure banking systems when applying to be an IT consultant with a major bank. I understand that, under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974, it is illegal not to declare an unspent conviction when apply for a job, but the Act doesn’t seem to facilitate the opposite.

I have seen it fitting to contact you regarding this issue, in case another piece of legislation restricts one from doing so, either generally or pertaining to specific areas of employment, like childcare.

In the case that this is, indeed, illegal, would such illegality apply to any claimed conviction, or would lesser crimes be considered acceptable to lie about? For example: if the conviction one claims to be in possession of would typically demand an incarceration period of less than the two and a half years required to be declared under the Act. This is important to not just to me but to others questioning the same possibilities, especially in the current economic climate where employment is highly sought after.

I would be very grateful if my queries could be answered.

Many thanks,


Dear Daniel,

This is not really something that the PAO can help you with. I have been
advised to direct you to your solicitors to gain advice on this matter.




Thank you for the in-depth response.


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Daniel 1 – 0 Hotel

Found out a friend had a terrible experience Valentine’s night, waiting over three hours for food in a restaurant. Decided to pose as a rage-customer, in a thinly veiled attempt to get free food. This is ongoing.

The manager,

I chose to take my long term girlfriend out to your restaurant today, thinking that it would be a wonderful surprise going to a venue that had such a reputation as yours. Unfortunately, the only surprise my partner got was a three hour wait between our starter and main course being served. Not only this, but our drinks never seemed to see the light of day, and we even overheard our waitress swear not only within earshot of half the restaurant but directly to a customer, who was voicing their outrage.

I had also planned to propose to my partner tonight, of all nights, but these plans were also scrapped in light of your dismal attempt to run what will have been, predictably, one of your most busy nights of the year. We left, unengaged, both shaking with fury. Working in the catering industry myself, I know how a restaurant is run and I can assure you I have seen Valentine’s meals fly past infinitely less incompetently as you ran yours.

I can only hope that you offer some sort of compensation for what was ultimately a failure to us, the customers. Otherwise, my first experience with Mercure is more than likely to be my last.


Dear Daniel

Thank you for your feedback

Firstly I would like to apologise that I have not got back to you sooner however when these such unfortunate events occur I feel it fair and appropriate to take some time to fully reflect on our shortcomings and conduct a full investigation into what happened to ensure we a, learn from the events and b, ensure that you are has happy as you can be with the outcome and feel that you have been looked after post the incident.

Therefore I have spent some time investigating this and although was not there am able to sum up why this has happened and although I know this is irrelevant to you I feel it necessary to give you some insight into why it happened and why.

You are quite right in you presumption that Valentines Day is one of the key dates in any Restaurant calendar particularly one such as ours, we also run Bedroom packages combined with the food element, and this year we have and are still running our ready for Romance Package (10th – 20th Feb)

Unfortunately on this night the (main night) we seem to have fallen well below our usual very high standards and because of that I apologise fully.

Like all restaurants we have a booking diary that guides us to how busy we are going to be combined with our in-house sleepers we usually have a pretty good idea by 6.00pm of how busy we are going to be, At 6.00pm on this day we had 39 covers booked in the restaurant so based on sleepers in house and forecasted pickup we were expecting to do about 60 covers (last year 49 covers). But due to a computer error on our in-house dinner inclusive sleepers tab we actually had another 48 booked into the system of which we did not find out it was to late.

We ended the night doing 122 covers and although the team would have done there best they would have been unable to serve such a number to our usual high standards.

Given the above I would really appreciate the opportunity to invite both yourself and your soon to be Fiancée (no thanks to us) back to the hotel at a date that suits you subject to availability, I would like to offer you a complimentary 1 night stay in one of our suites with dinner included in the restaurant.

I promise you that your experience will be a positive one and will personally meet you upon check in.

I hope this offer is received in the manner of which it was intended.

I look forward to speaking with you soon

My sincere apologies once again

Kind Regards

Tony Crosbie


Thank you for your quick response, and I appreciate your explanation of the situation you were. I’d like to apologise for the tone of my original email; I hope you can understand that I was still upset by the night… I shouldn’t have reacted like that.

We’ve decided that we’d like to take up your offer, incredibly gratefully, of a meal. We’re not sure sure about the night’s stay at the moment, as we have quite a busy few weeks ahead of us, but I could get back to you if you’re happy for it not to be immediate. Also, would you want us to bring the bill from our original meal, or would we be ok to arrive as normal? It’s just we wouldn’t want anything too serious, just a pleasant night out.

I’d like to thank you once again for the way you’ve communicated so graciously with us; you’ve already made up for Tuesday night, in my mind. Very professional.



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Daniel 1 – 0 estate agents

I came into slight disagreement with our landlords for next year. I think I won. (oldest top > newest bottom)

Dear Tenants,

Just to remind you that today is your final deadline. We are still awaiting the following:

– Daniel Ford: Standing order mandate.

Please let me know when we can expect the above. I must also make you aware that if we do not receive these items by the end of today, you will be charged £5.00 per day, per person until the items are provided by you.

Kind Regards,

Fariha Sabir


This is an issue that I expressedly sorted out with one of your colleagues over the phone.

I completed and gave your company the standing order mandate in the presence of my father on the same date that I paid for and signed for the property. My Dad and I incorrectly filled in the form, putting two of the addresses in the wrong place and indicating the error with an arrow; the staff member serving us at the time made note of this and clearly informed us that the form’s state was adequate, and that we could consider it complete. We completed everything that was requested of us that day and were informed, after clearly asking, that no more needed to be done.

Since then, I have been informed by you that certain items were missing that we were either not told about or that I had already completed and returned. I had to go out of my way to visit you personally, on Tuesday 24th, to rectify what is ultimately your company’s errors.

Two days later, on Thursday 26th, you called to inform me about this issue with the standing order mandate. Not only did your company have the opportunity and responsibility to inform me of this before I travelled to see you, but you also stated that the issue with the mandate was identical to the one that we had been expressedly told was acceptable, and not an issue.

Pertaining to the question of when you can expect the form: you can expect it when it is convenient for me, seeing as how you have already tried to both intimidate me with threats of fines and successful managed to act as a significant distraction upon my daily routine and university schedule.

I will endeavor to give you the amended mandate as quickly as suits my schedule, but refuse to be punished for what is ultimately a mistake of your company’s doing.


Dear Daniel,

Apologies for the inconvenience, I was not aware that you had previously been told that the mistakes would be acceptable on your standing order mandate.

I can confirm that you will not be charged any late fees, however we would appreciate it if you could provide us with the standing order mandate as soon as you can. We are open until 6pm if that helps.

Kind Regards,

Fariha Sabir

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