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Started a vlog!

Here’s the link to my shiny new vlog post, folks! I’ll attempt to make it a regular occurrence, with original writing instead of recycling a blog post.

Please like/dislike, comment, criticise, subscribe, flag or report.

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Hello, to the few people who will read this.

Unfortunately, I’ve come across insider information that, occasionally, work has to be done for a degree.

I know; I was in shock as well.

I have an assignment coming up that requires me not to doss, or write blog posts, so there will be a distinct lack of anything at all until next weekend. That’s if I can’t be arsed to write even then.

The next rant is due to be about businesses using charity for their own gain, so something with a moral backbone for once. Don’t worry though, it won’t be any less caustic than the others. Maybe more. You’ll have to see!

Ta ta for now.

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Posted by on November 18, 2011 in Updates


So long, procrastination!

Hi, I’m Dan.

(Boring introduction? Go to my “About” page. When I make it.)

I currently studying Creative Writing and English for my degree. I haven’t really been doing much “creative” writing – or any writing at all – so I thought I’d stop procrastinating on Facebook and start procrastinating through a blog.

I’ll attempt to update this regularly with my work and possibly voice some of my opinions when I can be arsed, so please visit back every once in a while to check if I’m still alive!


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